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Dear Members of We Don't Have Time, I am a professor on contract in Sociology of Communication and research fellow at the University of Bari Aldo Moro. I am currently conducting a study on protest, socio-ecological battles, Citizen Science, Citizen Journalism within associations/movements focused on environmental justice and air quality. Specifically, my research centers on associations in the National Interest Sites (SIN) in Apulia, Italy, including the Taranto site where the former ILVA, now Arcelor Mittal, the largest steel plant in Europe, is located, the Brindisi site hosting the Federico II coal-fired power plant, and the Manfredonia site. At this stage of my research, I am collecting empirical data on associations, climate startup and social movements in Sweden. Therefore, I would like to inquire if you would be willing to participate in my study by responding to a qualitative interview (available in both English and Swedish), attached to this e-mail. I am seeking at least 10 members who would be willing to participate. If there were more, even better. I would be truly honored and grateful to receive your interviews as they are crucial for my research. If anyone is uncomfortable with written responses, a voice recording sent via WE Transfer or another platform would also be acceptable. I am willing to accommodate your requests and even reach out individually to those who might be interested in responding to the survey. Responses can also be submitted anonymously. Link to access the interview:

Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to your positive response. All My Best Antonella D’autilia
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