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Greta Thunberg

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Greta Thunberg Fined for Peaceful Protest

“My actions are justifiable,” Thunberg told the court in Malmö, according to local media. “I believe that we are in an emergency that threatens life, health and property. Countless people and communities are at risk both in the short term and in the long term.”

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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    47 w

    Regardless, she is a climate Hero

  • Elizabeth Gathigia

    47 w

    A true climate chapion fight for what is right

    • winnie nguru

      47 w

      Her zeal is admirable

      • Princess

        47 w

        Being young and having such a simple way of protesting, yet making the difference that she has, makes every young person believe that they have power to protest against climate change.

        • Jordan Edmondson

          47 w

          @princess_nel_268 it's great to see so many young people protesting! Let's hope it continues

        • Edwin wangombe

          47 w

          Greta is a good example of what recilience and activism means

        • Munene Mugambi

          47 w

          To arrest her amplifies her voice

          • rosebellendiritu

            47 w

            I like the way she is determined and can't be intimidated.

            • Harrison wambui

              47 w

              A true hero

              • Jane Wangui

                47 w

                @harrison_wambui she is doing a very good job

              • Sarah Chabane

                47 w

                A real climate hero 💚

                • Daniel Waweru

                  47 w

                  These are the climate heroes we want.

                  • Patrik Lobergh

                    47 w

                    Consistent, persistent and braveheart

                    • zelda ninga

                      47 w

                      @patrik_lobergh Exactly no better words to describe her.

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