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Circularity is a cornerstone of all decarbonization efforts. At its core, it means reusing, recycling, and reducing what we make and use to decouple economic growth from environmental impacts.
One measure is the amount of recycled material used to make new products, known as recycled content. This is no longer just a good thing to do – it is being regulated across the world, with increasing limits for consumer products that go on the market.
Consider the EU green claims directive on top of that. It targets greenwashing by requiring businesses to substantiate their environmental claims with robust evidence. Non-compliance risks loss of market access, hefty penalties, damaged reputation, and loss of consumer trust.
Calculating recycled content of products and packaging is notoriously difficult due to challenges with data availability and specialized tools required to trace and aggregate recycled materials through complex product supply chains.
Today, we are excited to share our new application within Makersite.
It’s been specifically designed to enable manufacturers to calculate the amount of recycled content in their products and packaging in a transparent and auditable way. Customers can import their product and see how much of it is produced using recycled materials, considering what is happening deep within their supply chains. They can go beyond compliance using detailed models, generated automatically, to make smarter, more sustainable decisions and work with their suppliers to further improve circularity.
All this within an integrated solution.
Visit our product blog to get a detailed understanding of how this works and how it can help you.

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  • Grace Njeri

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    Greater circularity and more efficient use of materials present new opportunities for further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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