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🌟 We're excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking initiative within the European Project GoGreen for the Conservation and Stabilization of Ancient Glass! 🌟 📋 Do you have experience or insights into ancient glass conservation? We need your valuable input! 🏛️ This survey aims to gather crucial information about the current practices of conserving and stabilizing ancient glass artifacts. Your contributions will play a vital role in shaping the future of preservation techniques. Together, we can safeguard these irreplaceable treasures for generations to come. 🏛️ 🔎 Let your expertise and opinions shine by taking part in this survey! Your knowledge will directly impact the development of conservation strategies, research, and training programs. 🌐 Access the survey here:

✨ Help us spread the word by sharing this post with fellow experts, professionals, and enthusiasts in the field of archaeology, art conservation, and heritage preservation! ✨ Thank you for being a part of this transformative endeavor. Together, we can safeguard and celebrate the timeless beauty of ancient glass artifacts.
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