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Industrial expansion has transformed over centuries with greater efficiency. From the mid-nineteenth century Industrial Revolution till now, science and technology have modified a million lives across the continents. Farming was a specific field that could retain indigenous methods for a while, but the rise in population and a subsequent rise in demands of the growing population resulted in the ditching of traditional methods for much more technologically powered ones.
Rise in the farming advancements ushered in an era of agricultural magnificence. International Tractors Limited (ITL) brought in a new wave to this upsurge through farming excellence through the best of efficient tractors. Sonalika and Solis, the two major innovative wings of ITL have contributed to farming innovation with great zeal. Equipped with functionality and technical support, Solis compact tractors, in particular, have transformed the dreams of farmers into reality. With a wide array of champion tractors for the field, Solis tractors ranging from 20 hp to 120 hp have simplified the lives of millions of farmers.
Most of these tractors have features like Lift-o-Matic for smooth lifting capacity, fully functional hydraulic facility and fuel-efficient features among others that amplifies the user needs to the core. A key feature that makes these tractors a lot better compared to the others is their highly effective lifting capacity which enables easy operation and maximum output. The creeper and standard gear options deliver exceptional performance with best-in-class functionality.
Certain other features like power steering and operational ability, exhibit the humongous glory of not just the tractors but the whole of the mettle of the brand called Solis. Solis tries to deliver not just exceptional operational experience, but it grants the user the trust for harvesting success. Solis invests in reliability more and that is why the tractors succeed in becoming a staple for the farming needs of users across the globe. Because what Solis believes in is to give momentum to the sweat of every farmer who has a vision not just for himself, but for the whole of human lives.

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Solis is not just the name of a tractor and farm implement manufacturing company, it is a name that defines productivity and success. Solis has a strong foothold in over 140+ countries that effortlessly serves the interests of farmers. With more than 1,300,000 happy and satisfied customers globally, currently, Solis is the world’s top 5th tractor manufacturer company, offering a wide range of 16-120 HP range of tractors while setting new benchmarks in the tractor industry through powerful competence and advanced technologies.
We at Solis are the pioneers of innovation in the tractor industry that has revolutionized the way of farming. In the span of merely 25 years, we have set new benchmarks of power and covered milestones that have made us the number one farm machinery exporter firm from India and the leading tractor brand across Europe. At Solis, we are extremely delighted to offer you our robust and power-packed tractors and spare parts that come equipped with a heavy-duty engine to provide high power in fields with breathtaking results.
Our Agri experts, are known to conquer every terrain or construction site that you can think of under minimal to low maintenance. Our farm champions are known to be the toughest among all the tractors in the industry as these farm experts aim to deliver nothing less than exceptional results on any terrain and that too with smooth controls. We believe that with Solis you can transform your farming experience into an exhilarating experience by taking your endeavours beyond limits. You can take any Solis tractor be it compact or narrow and witness power, potential, and performance at its best. With Solis, you have got the opportunity to choose from an extensive range of farm champions.
We have got a wide range of distinct tractors for you so that you can boost yield with every one of them on your
farm, lawn or garden. With our garden tractors, compact tractors, mini tractors, and narrow tractors, you can take your endeavors to a whole new level at your comfort. At Solis, you can get affordable modern tractors with advanced technology and the latest features that will take loads from you literally! Once deployed these Agri professionals will blossom the terrain. We truly understand that you might come across different needs at different times and that is exactly why we have various tractors for every terrain type.
Solis tractors are far and wide known for their tough performance, high backup torque, great fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost, futuristic mechanics, and comfort. Solis Tractors are the only Indian company to deliver services in 33 countries in Europe, reaching the sale of 12,000 tractors in a year across the continent. They are an absolute example of value for money. Solis tractors can surprise you with more abilities than expected. Their compact tractors come in 3 ranges – S series, N series, and H series. All of these tractor ranges have tractors that are extremely durable, economical and versatile, which makes them a perfect fit for any farming situation.
S series
The primary reason of the S series is to deliver excellent value for money and advanced ergonomics in the fields. All the tractors from this series are highly productive, economical and fuel-efficient as well. This series offers five versatile tractors. S 20, this tractor is perfect for hobby or small-sized farms and private farms. The sturdy engine and better transmission amplify growth & allow you to work efficiently with top-class performance. S 26 This is the most versatile tractor from the series, delivering extra comfort and potential in every endeavour. The hydraulic power steering and the extra efficient engine help in reducing operational stress. S 26 shuttle XL, this specially built with a synchromesh shuttle lever and 9×9 gear, adds extra comfort to every farming venture. S 50, this mighty tractor is the perfect farming companion. The easy gear shift, smooth transmission, and unmatched potential enable us to endure all terrain conditions. S 75, this sturdy tractor is well known for its high backup torque and lifting capacity. The powerful CRDI engine boosts productivity and works like an Agri-professional when attracted to heavy implementation. S 90, This tractor is designed to tackle jobs like haulage, industrial and loader applications. Also, its synchromesh transmission adds excellence to every performance.
N Series
It is known as the narrow track series. N series offers two highly versatile tractors which come with a low turning radius of 3.6m that allows you to move freely in small areas or narrow lanes. Both of the tractors are engineered to work efficiently in orchards and vineyards. N series comes in two horsepower – N 75. This tractor helps in spraying and orchard applications with a unique hydraulic circuit that helps in elevating its transmission speed. N 90, this tractor is integrated with a power steering with a minimum turning radius which can easily execute tasks like mowing, mulching, transmission, and crop protection.
H series
This series offers hydrostatic transmission with a Mitsubishi engine, which makes it a complete all-rounder with advanced features and over-the-top lifting capacity. Solis H 26 transforms all your complexities at ease. We are soon going to launch more members of this series with upgraded features.

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