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Exciting #SET100 News: CAKE Bakes Up a New Deal for 130,000 Electric Bikes in China! 🏍️🇨🇳

CAKE, the innovative Swedish electric motorcycle maker, has just sealed a contract with Shanghai Forever to develop, manufacture and distribute 130,000 bikes, in accumulated sales by 2027. This marks a new era for urban mobility in China, with a bespoke model being crafted in the CAKE Stockholm HQs, set to hit the streets by Q2 2024. 🛣️ What does Cake do? ♻️ Emphasizing a holistic product life-cycle, CAKE designs e-motorbikes that promise zero emissions and minimal disturbance. ♻️ The start-up makes no compromises: Everything, from frame to wheels are specifically engineered and manufactured to reach the intended level of performance in riding, durability and overall quality. Find out more about Cake from founder and CFO, Stefan Ytterborn 👉

Check out Cake’s zero-emission bikes 👉

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  • Princess

    29 w

    Exciting to see innovative solutions shaping the future of transportation. 🌍🏍️ #ElectricBikes #UrbanMobility

    • Kevin

      31 w

      A very good deal

      • Rashid Kamau

        31 w

        A promising deal for a sustainable transportation sector.

        • Esther Wanjiku

          31 w

          Great deal

          • Gorffly mokua

            31 w

            A deal for our planet!

            • walter lungayi

              31 w

              That's fantastic news! The demand for electric bikes is growing rapidly in China, and this deal by CAKE will surely contribute to the country's efforts towards sustainable transportation. It's great to see companies taking steps towards a greener future. 🌿🚲

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