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Nasa invents ‘incredible’ battery paving the way for electric planes

NASA scientists have reached a breakthrough in the development of Solid-State Batteries, powerful and much more sturdy than current state-of-the-art batteries, paving the way for potential silent and low-carbon emitting electric planes, as well as much better potential for electric cars, trucks, boats, etc. Read about this breakthrough in The Independent: Or straight from the NASA website:

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  • moonshot227

    80 w

    I wonder how the energy density of this battery compares to kerosense and liquid oxygen. NASA habitually make announcements like these to disrupt investment in the Goodenough battery and comparable viable battery technology of the time. Don't hesitate to roll out the batteries which you can have today.


      81 w

      Joining We Don't Have Time is the greatest path we went through and we loved it 😁

      • Tabitha Kimani

        82 w

        Transitioning is the only way. Great advancement

        • Sarah Chabane

          86 w

          Interesting development!


            86 w

            .💚♻️⚡🛸🚀 #Solid 🌐🌠

            • Edwin wangombe

              86 w

              Woow NASA is doing an incredible job

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