Tropical Forest Investments: Conservation as a powerful tool for fighting Climate Change and Protecting Biodiversity

Tropical forests play a vital role in fighting global climate change.
Every year, tropical forests the size of Portugal are lost.
The carbon released from deforestation exceeds Europe's emissions.
This impacts climate change in three ways:
1️⃣ Immediate carbon release from felled trees
2️⃣Loss of ongoing carbon sequestration from mature forests
3️⃣ Disrupted rain patterns causing droughts & fires.

We believe that preserving is more cost-effective than restoring. Tree planting can't replace conserving tropical forests, as restoration is complex, time and resource-intensive. On average, avoiding deforestation is 7-10 times more cost-effective than reforestation due to ecosystem intricacies and restoration's demanding process
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  • Patrick Kiash

    37 w

    Thank you for guiding us in this important call.

    • Sarah Chabane

      41 w

      Very interesting! How can I help as a private person? Is it as simple as making a donation every month to preserve tropical forests?

    • Adam Wallin

      42 w

      I agree, conserving what we have is both cheaper and more effective than planting something new. A great place to put our money if we want them to have environmental impact!

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