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Climate love

Meet the plant dog! =)

Almost one year ago I send Climate warning to IKEA regarding their hot dogs, but now it is time to give the Climate love for their hot dogs - or to be more precise - for their new plant dog! I actually don't know what it tastes like yet, neither the price, but the clams to have done something new to this plant based hot dog that should also mimic the 'snap' when biting it.
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  • Fraser Valley Climate Action 🌍💚

    26 w

    We like how Ikea didn't charge a premium for plant based hot dogs, making them available for the same price as meat. This helps reflect that plants don't cost more than meat. Leveling the playing field. Thank you.

    • Sarah Smith

      42 w

      I’m not big on hot dogs or junk food but I guess plant based junk food beats the alternatives. I may consider giving this a try just to be able to review better in the future.

      • Lucinda Ramsay

        42 w

        I hope we don't start hearing about ultraprocessed plant based meat alternatives when they are still better than processed meat! Junk food should be eaten in moderation and plant based junk food is better than meat based! Good job ikea! Mycket bra!

        • Ingmar Rentzhog

          42 w

          I have tried it. It is good!

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