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🌍 JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE FOR CLIMATE X #CTS2023 Did you know that The Jane Goodall Institute works together with companies for climate? Well, we will learn more about it at #CTS2023! We are thrilled to have Anna Rathmann as keynote speaker at the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit 2023! 🙌 👉 As Executive Director of the JGI, she works among others with companies to tackle climate change, one of the three big global crises next to biodiversity loss, and environmental inequity. 👉 For the Climate Magazine, she has already taken the time to answer our most pressing questions. This is her message for companies currently struggling with the many challenges of climate transformation: "What has driven our incredible globalized industries is our human brains, and so these same brains can work together to solve even the greatest of complex challenges. When we combine our intellect with using our hearts to guide us in doing what is right, we change the world." 👏 We couldn't have said it better, thanks Anna for the inspiring interview. Don't miss her keynote at the! Here you can secure one of the last early bird tickets:


The CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit addresses climate leaders and decision makers who are driving climate transformation in companies.

Find the full interview here:

“Together we can. Together we will” – Interview with Anna Rathmann from the Jane Goodall Institute • The Climate Choice

In an interview, Anna Rathmann, Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute, shares how businesses can tackle climate change now.

🌍 Disclaimer: JGI does not endorse handling or close proximity to wildlife. This represents a sanctuary context with trained professionals.
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