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Europe is (soon) two mega factories for car batteries richer

Europe is (soon) two mega factories for car batteries richer
Europe will soon be two mega battery factories for electric cars richer. The Swedish Northvolt and the Taiwanese ProLogium will start production in 2026 in the German Heide and the French Dunkirk.

The electric car market is exploding. One in five cars sold this year will be electric, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted. It is even expected that the electric car will be just as cheap as the petrol car around 2025.

More mining and production on European soil
More electric cars requires more (scarce) raw materials. The most important part of the electric car, the battery, often comes from countries such as China. If it is up to the European Union, Europe should mine and produce more raw materials for batteries on its own land. It wants to become less dependent on other continents.

Swedish Northvolt in Germany
That seems to be slowly happening. Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt is coming to Heide in northern Germany with a factory. The battery manufacturer would invest around 3 to 5 billion euros in the new factory, which would create around 3,000 jobs. From 2026, 60 gigawatt-hours of batteries must roll out of the factory every year.

Northvolt comes to Germany because of Europe's 'Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework' (TCTF). This should help European member states to stimulate support measures that are essential for the transition to a climate-neutral economy. The company is awaiting approval from the European Union. The grant to Northvolt would be the first from the TCTF.

Taiwanese battery manufacturer in France
The Taiwanese ProLogium is also coming to Europe. The company is building a factory in Dunkirk, France, for the production of car batteries. Since Taiwan is a sensitive point in the tensions between America and China, the company also wants to secure an overseas base. The construction of the factory will cost about 5.2 billion euros and should produce about 48 gigawatt hours of batteries annually. It is not yet known who the buyers of the car batteries will be.

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      Very nice

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        Amazing news

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          Great news

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              I hope the industries are built green and sustainable

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