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Aristeidis Progoulakis

10 w

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

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Beaches risk disappearing due to real estate projects and climate change

The recent viral images of Hotel Punta Piqueros in Concon, Chile (video link), have sounded the alarm regarding the danger posed by constructions and real estate projects developed along the Chilean coast. These projects have accelerated erosion processes and are putting many of the country's beaches at risk of disappearing altogether.
According to Carolina Martinez, director of the Coastal Observatory and academic at the Institute of Geography of the Catholic University, the increase in swells since 2015 has become more intense and recurrent in Chile. Furthermore, 86% of the beaches between Arica and Chiloe are affected by erosion phenomena and at least 10 recognized beaches in the country present retrogression rates above 1.5 meters per year. This situation is expected to worsen in the coming years due to the rise in sea level caused by global climate change, leaving low-lying coastal areas of several cities more exposed to flooding during 2026-2045.
Wetlands and dune fields interacting with beaches are crucial in reducing the impact of phenomena such as tsunamis. However, the fragmentation of these landscapes caused by anthropic interventions, such as real estate projects, intensifies the risks. Besides, the supply of sediments to beaches is directly affected by climate change processes and prolonged droughts.
Let's hear experts' voices and develop a new Coastal Law for Chile and other countries where human interventions are putting in danger the sustainability of our coastlines.

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Source in Spanish:

Punta Piqueros: Denuncia que estos cinco proyectos costeros nunca debieron construirse - La Tercera

Análisis realizado por el Observatorio de la Costa y la Universidad Católica señala que el litoral se ha visto perturbado por el cambio climático, la sequía prolongada y las intervenciones inmobiliarias.

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  • Peter Kamau

    10 w

    This is quite inconsiderate and uncouth

    • Joseph Githinji

      10 w

      The rate at which developers are encroaching the riparian land is saddening. Development have to be controlled, they should be away from beaches, rivers and oceans

      • rosebellendiritu

        10 w

        Alot of damage has already been done by human activity,it's time to restore them

        • Munene Mugambi

          10 w

          Real estate should not encroach on our beaches

          • Tabitha Kimani

            10 w

            Governments should be at the fore front to conserve beaches and riparian lands.

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