Climate change is one of the most critical global challenges of our times. Recent events have emphatically demonstrated our growing vulnerability to climate change. Climate change impacts will continue affecting agriculture, and further endangering food security, to sea-level rise and the accelerated erosion of coastal zones increasing the intensity of natural disasters, species extinction and spread of vector-borne diseases. This issue is of immense importance for every global citizen, no matter their background, race, or age. Climate change endangers the existence of humanity hence, it requires an initiative against it globally.
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In their continued efforts to raise awareness of the climate change crisis in Kenya and the African region, We Don't Have Time Kenya chapter team led by the WDHT Africa representative Mr. Patrick Kiarie joined the climate youth and governance summit organized by Youth Green Space Action And Network. This partnership between the two organizations blended well because of their shared goal, which is to raise awareness and put a stop to climate change. During his speech, Mr. Patrick liberated that every generation in the world has its special purpose and the current generation’s purpose is to curb climate change. He urged the youth in attendance to take it as their responsibility to see that the coming generation finds a desirable planet to live in and that can only be done if climate action is taken now.
The action of bringing together youths and policymakers in the government was crucial as it gave the young people a chance to air their grievances to the government officials and offer ideas on policies that are needed to strengthen the fight against climate change. In attendance was the President of the National Youth Council of Kenya Mr. Roy Sasaka Telewa and the Kenya Institute For Public Policy Research And Analysis (KIPPRA) Mrs. Rose Ngugi the top people in the government that are responsible for running youths' affairs and making policies that will make people's lives better. The reason why the summit was so invested in youths was that they are the biggest percentage of the global population and leveraging on them will positively affect the fight to curb climate change.
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In her speech, Mrs. Rose Ngugi mentioned that the fight against climate change can be won if only people come together and dedicate themselves to achieving a desirable planet. She urged the youths to participate in policy-making processes, attend public participation meetings, and use social media to air their grievances and ideas to the government and institutions. She urged those in attendance to change their attitude towards climate and the environment, as this will enable them to conquer climate change. The summit allowed the youths to speak out and give out their ideas on how Africa can reach its desirable climate targets within a short time.
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The CEO of the Kenya National Youth Council (NYC) Mr. Roy Sasaka Telewa stated that the youths are better placed to fight climate change because they make up a huge percent of the global population and are adept at spreading new habits and technologies. Compared to the other groups in the society they have the most knowledge and ideas on how to curb the climate crisis. He also liberated that if no action is taken now, climate change will affect the youths more than any other group in the society threatening their future. He called upon the government and organizations globally to support and empower the youths, as they have a high chance of curbing climate change.

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The youth are adaptable and can quickly make low-carbon lifestyles and career choices a part of their daily lives. Youth should therefore be given a chance to take an active part in the decision-making at local, national, and global levels. They can actively support initiatives that will lead to the passage of far-reaching legislation. A more defined role should be given to the youth to prevent the impact of climate change. It is essential to conduct major studies among youth regarding awareness about climate change as well as the role of youth in combating climate change. The We Don’t Have Time team thanks Youth Green Space Action and Network, those in attendance and encourages everyone to participate in making the dream of having a safe and desirable planet for us and the future generations.
  • Lars Jenny

    93 w

    Wonderful smiles! Collaborative is the key!

    • Cate Wangari

      93 w

      Well done Team Africa

      • Alice Kinyanjui

        93 w

        Great work!

        • Leendert Aboazy

          94 w

          Keep it up African team

          • Edwin wangombe

            95 w

            Such a summit should have happened ages ago.. but it's better than never .. the Kenyan team is doing great work by sensitizing youths and provoking the government to talk about climate change

            • Marine Stephan

              95 w

              "The fight against climate change can be won if only people come together." I love it 💚

              • Aude Boulord

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                • Peter Kamau

                  95 w

                  It's interesting to see how various arms of government are now talking out the #climatecrisis.With this intensive and positive energy and the dire drive to work in unison to wage war on this crisis,we can be assured that we can win it over.

                  • Reagan Ouma Ochango

                    95 w

                    The youth are surely the backbone of the future and point blank reality and awareness should be created to this set of people if we need save our future.

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