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somehow stops ozone layer depletion

My suggestion is to transform harmful gases emitted by air conditions in to eco friendly non harmful gases .
While researching on internet I have found that that more that 500 millions air condiontions has already installed and emitting dangerous ozone layer damaging gas like CFC . By the end of 2030 air conditions amount would be in billion and that will be more difficult to stop .
Air conditions comes with Blower which emits the heated gas to environment , Companies and engineer could design Blowers installed with gas transform tech which again convert these CFC and others gases coming from AC in to non harmful gases or ozone layer healing gases.
It may increse the air condion price for consumers but the Gov can provide subsidy to cure environment
Also making Blower to convert CFC into other gas isnt typical task these days We need team of experts in Chemical gas scientist first to find out which new gas could be made .

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  • Saustine Lusanzu

    51 w

    Nice suggestions

    • George Kariuki

      51 w

      This is a great idea!

      • Munene Mugambi

        52 w

        Well that would be transformative to say the least

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