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Transition to low- and zero-carbon emissions

In recent years, world has witnessed several catastrophic weather events across the continents including record fire and hurricane and near-record low Arctic sea ice extents which were probable consequences of increasing global temperatures. Correspondingly, hundreds of Siberian, Australian and western Unites State’ wildfires, Atlantic hurricane, low Arctic sea ice extents were amongst few conspicuous features of the contemporary years. There observed transnational-transfer of smoke generated due Australian bushfires accounted burning of over 20% of the Australian temperate forest biome. Pyrocumulonimbus events i.e. fire induced thunderstorms crossed into the stratosphere widely and circumnavigated as well. Conflagrations as happened in Colorado (USA) hastily produced as heat waves which enabled the fire to burn faster as well as hotter. Akin fire-burns in California also destroyed over a million acres. In certain parts of Siberia, peculiar kind of β€˜zombie fires’ reignited in areas with permafrost continued to from previous year. These human-induced climate change is as rather so powerful as the dynamism of the nature. There were strongest El Nino warming events seen in the last year despite temporary cooling effect of La Nina event and since 1980s, each of the decade has been warmer than the previous one. Heat-trapping gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2), remain at record increased levels in the atmosphere, causing the Earth’s warming. The Earth is getting prone for more severe heat waves and droughts, larger and extreme wildfires and longer and more forceful hurricane seasons on average. Concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions are still heading beyond the agreed goals. We have lot to do towards the transition to low- and zero-carbon emissions in key sectors like energy, agriculture, building, forestry, industry and transport. The reduction of 7.6% GHGs emissions each year till 2030 required the world in order to put on track towards the goals of the Paris Agreement as a reliable report said recently.

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  • Komu Daniel


    57 w

    zero carbon emissions is achievable.

    • Dr. Anil Pratap Singh


      55 w

      @komu_daniel True... thanks πŸ‘

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi



      57 w

      cant wait the day we will have zero carbon emissions

      • Munene Mugambi



        58 w

        Looking forward to a future of zero carbon emissions

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