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Swedish "super paper" replaces fossil materials - attracts automotive companies

Swedish "super paper" replaces fossil materials - attracts automotive companies Car parts, building elements, consumer products and circuit boards. All made of wood. Swedish Papershell's first pilot line has started. Among the known collaborations are Polestar, Cake and the Swedish electric snowmobile Vidde. The startup Papershell has so far been stubbornly quiet about its operations. But when Ny Teknik is the first newspaper to be admitted to the pilot factory in Tibro, West Gotland, the words pour out of CEO and founder Anders Breitholz.

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  • walter lungayi

    46 w

    great innovations

    • Andy Middleton

      46 w

      I’d like to see a comparison of resource use for metals and wood, but for sure beats plastic!

      • Patrik Lobergh

        46 w

        @andy_middleton Good point, any idea which organisation/NGO could compare this?🤔

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