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Start Up Energy Transition (SET)

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Many unique and innovative concepts for sustainable systems and tech are beinf developed at universities and research institutes resulting in some successful #spinoffs. 🔎 But why are we not seeing more support towards innovative energy related spin-off projects? In conversation with Iris ten Have at the #SETTF23, Shirley Sheffer Hoffman, Dr. Christian Bogatu, Dr. Philipp Gerbert will address the need for a collaborative approach between academic excellence and energy entrepreneuship! 👩💻 This planery discussion addresses: 📌 The current state of energy-related spin off projects 📌 How the energy sector can fill the void of support mechanisms 📌 The need to strive towards a more innovation-friendly and supportive environment for spin-offs and start-ups! 📅 28 March, live from Westhafen (WECC), Berlin Join the SET Tech Festival to meet with #energytransition focused researchers and scientific institutes. Book your pass here 👉

SET Tech Festival 2023

Bringing the greatest energy innovators together. The SET Tech Festival will take place on 28 March 2023 in Berlin, alongside the BETD 2023.

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