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Fertilizer for Ugandan farmers

When we reduce the chain of ownership of the fertiliser the farmers get to buy a bag at a cheaper price. However, with so mainy intermediaries the prices tend to hike because everyone wants to make money.Ugandan farmers are lucky to receive affordable ones for their farms.This fertiliser is available even to small scale farmers at a friendly price where by they will get profits for their produce.With enough nutrients the farms are bound to give a higher yield which ensures food security for the country.More jobs are created for the youths too.

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  • George Kariuki


    39 w

    I believe that affordable fertilizer is essential for the development of Uganda's agricultural sector.

    • johnte ndeto


      39 w

      Such support to farmers will also prevent primitive ways of farming

      • Rotich Kim


        39 w

        The chain need to be reduced further excellent move Ugandan government

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