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UK’s Carbon Greenwash and Ash Dieback. Ash Dieback is a fungal organism that affects the Phloem and Xylem part of the Ash. In effect it caused the tree to not be able to transport both water and the essential nutrients around the tree to support life, eventually slowly killing the tree. The organism reproduction is through spores which can spread either via wind or fauna that have a relationship with any infected tree. Albeit a deadly organism in respect of the Ash, under these circumstances it spread would be localised and and slow, eventually as has all ready been identified in Europe where some trees have evolved to build an immunity to the Protozoa. Ash Dieback originated in Asia and scientists were astounded at how quickly the disease spread through to Europe and now the Uk. Let’s consider how this organism reproduces and look at the action taken by man to control its spread. Cut down diseased trees, shred them and burn sometimes as biofuel’s. It is not difficult to see then how easy it was for the spores to spread, firstly by the tree crashing down when cut, then the shredding process , the transportation to the processing facility and finally the process itself. The timeframe not allowing any unaffected trees to build up its immunity. Likened to a person with a highly infectious and deadly disease travelling to their final destination passing through populated areas prior to reaching their final destination. To add injury to insult the remnants are burnt and tens of years of stored carbon is reintroduced into the atmosphere. Unfortunately with the rise in fuel prices many people are jumping on the bandwagon and burning wood often unseasoned to offset their costs. This has opened the door for unscrupulous farmers and so called tree surgeons to use ash dieback as and excuse to fell hundreds of thousands of trees to sell the timber. Just step into your car and drive along. The perfectly trimmed box hedges devoid or trees for ease of flailing and greed, you can’t drive a mile anywhere without seeing the freshly cut stumps secluded in the hedgerows. I have a self funded Nature Restoration Project in Carmarthenshire namely Breezy Bank. One hundred and eighty ten year old native and exotic trees have been planted there for climate monitoring purposes. People are surprised how small they are for a ten year old tree they don’t realise how long it takes for a tree to mature and store and sequester all that carbon. To put the government’s pledges and boast’s into perspective I received 420 “TREES “ for planting on the land to add to what was left of an ancient forest following intensive farming. The largest sprig was six inches and the entire collection would be the equivalent of the last meter of a mature oaks single branch. Now do the maths look at the size and number’s of trees cut down and compare what is planted by the government. Millions of there sprigs would have to be planted just to account for a few mature trees felled. We are going backwards not forward at a time when it is so important to act. These are really sad times and the direction in only heading one way, climate breakdown has moved past the crest of the hill and is now starting it’s way down the other side gathering speed as it does so. It will surprise the scientists as did the spread of the Ash Dieback but by then it will be to late.

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    That is a beautiful landscape 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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