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For promoting sustainable interior design ☘🏠

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When it comes to sustainability, people believe being kinder to the planet means a direct or indirect compromise on lifestyle. While in reality not buying things that you are only going to wear or use once (just because they are trending) is good for both you and the planet. 👗
Home design is an often overlooked area in the climate discussion. There is product after product for home decor & design that end up in the landfills either for going out of trend or nondurability. British designer Matthew Williamson deserves a thumbs-up for changing that and promoting beautiful, sustainable interior designs.
Williamson believes, “Using what you have already and reworking it in a different way can be so rewarding – it is more personal and just as effective as starting from scratch. We tend to think luxury comes from buying shiny new things but luxury can be found just by seeing things differently. Resourcefully create layers from what you have and to tell your own story. The best-looking rooms and homes are those which have soul and a unique personality. Rather than physical items, think more about feelings and atmosphere.”
So why run after a trend when you create something using the things that you have or choose second-hand home items that you can totally get creative with? 🖌🎨

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  • Joyce Waturu

    47 w

    Sustainable interior options are such an impeccable thing.I would of course like such.

    • Sarah Chabane

      47 w

      That's looking super fine 👌

      • walter lungayi

        47 w

        @sarah_chabane Indeed, very creative

      • Lucinda Ramsay

        47 w

        Style is not the same as fashion, style is taste is mixing classic with a modern twist and uniqueness- fashion is the opposite and following a trend with little self interpretation or expression. Style is timeless. I love old beautiful furniture and rugs with modern art and good textiles.

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