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Half of 2023 has now passed, a half-year marked by new heat records and monstrous wildfires in Canada.
After a temporary decline during the pandemic, global greenhouse gas emissions are now back at historically high levels and the prospect of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is becoming increasingly difficult.
What is required to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C?

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The Exponential Roadmap initiative shows that we can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius if we follow "the carbon law" of halving halving our carbon emissions every decade. The good news is that we can achieve the first halving by 2030 simply by scaling existing solutions.
But to gain momentum in this exponential transformation, it is necessary that the entire socio-economic "trinity" interoperate:
  • Legislators (politicians, authorities) - must correct where the market fails and set rules that stimulate climate friendly solutions and punish environmental degradation.
  • Producers (companies and the public sector) - need to take responsibility for the carbon emissions caused by their products and services and switch to fossil free solutions. Furthermore, they need to influence their stakeholders (suppliers, customers, partners, etc.) to follow suit.
  • Consumers (You and I) - need to reduce our carbon footprint through lifestyle changes and resolutely demand climate friendly solutions (from producers) and democratically influence (legislators) to act.
A good start is to calculate and reflect on your own climate impact for 2023. With ClimateHero's carbon calculator, you can calculate your carbon footprint in just 5 minutes. You will then receive feedback on what you are already doing well and suggestions on how to reduce your footprint.
So far, more than 500 000 people have used ClimateHero and pledged to reduce 1 million ton CO2e per year, which is equivalent to removing 700 000 petrol cars from our roads.
  • Sarah Chabane

    48 w

    Could you share the demographics of the people that have used your climate footprint calculator? Do you see more women/younger people? And who has the highest footprint?

    • ClimateHero

      49 w

      What will be you personal carbon footprint during 2023? And equally important, what will be your climate contribution (handprint)?

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