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VildaKidz - Kind is their only rule VildaKidz was founded by Anna Karlsson and her husband Stefan. A non-profit association in Norrbotten, where ALL children are welcome, needy or not. But it is above all about creating a meaningful leisure time where vulnerable children and young people are prioritized without feeling singled out or excluded. Why did Anna and her husband choose to make VildaKidz a reality? Well, according to Save the Children's annual report 2014, 8 percent of children in Norrbotten live in difficult financial circumstances. VildaKidz was named Fire Souls of the Year in 2016 & in 2017 they won Swedish Heroes. They have also been named the top 20 strongest brands in Sweden on social media (2017) & top 10 (2018). In 2019, they were named Brand of the Year. In 2020, they received a flag from HM the King on National Day and then participated in SVT's live national celebration. They have also appeared in national press & television but also internationally on BBC, Huffington Post, Europe Summit etc. Their dream is to spread VildaKidz's message worldwide, EVERYONE can do something, if they want to <3 VildaKidz is a non-profit organization that runs year-round activities for children & young people in Norrbotten

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