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The East Africa Campus & Colleges Green Network has recently been launched with the aim to promote a more sustainable future in East Africa. The network brings together students from various campuses and colleges in the region to collaborate on innovative solutions to tackle climate change. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and building capacity in sustainability practices. The goal is to create a unified voice that will advocate for sustainable policies and practices within the educational institutions as well as in the wider community.
Youth inclusion in climate matters is essential to drive change towards a more sustainable future. Young people have a stake in the future and are increasingly becoming aware of the urgent need to tackle environmental issues such as climate change. They are innovative, tech-savvy and have fresh ideas that can help to find solutions to some of the most pressing climate challenges. Furthermore, they have the energy and passion to raise awareness and mobilize action within their communities. It is, therefore, crucial to involve youth in all climate-related matters, including policymaking, planning and implementation. The East Africa Campus & Colleges Green Network is a perfect example of how the youth can be empowered to be advocates for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

East Africa Campus & Colleges Green Network members.
East Africa Campus & Colleges Green Network members.

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    We expect nothing but positive news from y'all.

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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