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Greenland will produce green hydrogen and ammonia on a gigawatt scale
By: Hidde Middelweerd
A large and ambitious sustainable energy project is being built off the coast of Greenland. It concerns a wind farm with a capacity of 1.5 gigawatts. The electricity from the wind farm is used on site to produce green hydrogen and ammonia. This will be done on the so-called P2XFloater of company H2Carrier, a floating hydrogen and ammonia plant.
H2Carrier touts the P2XFloater as the world's first floating ammonia plant capable of producing green ammonia on an industrial scale. The great advantage of the ship is that no land needs to be purchased or rented. In addition, the floating ammonia factory is mobile and can therefore sail to those places where green energy is cheapest, also per season.

Ammonia is used for various purposes such as fertilizer production. However, that process is associated with many emissions. It is estimated that ammonia production is responsible for 2 percent of global CO2 emissions.

Produce ammonia while floating
The P2XFloater extracts seawater that is purified on board. This water is then used in the electrolysis installations on board, which produce green hydrogen. The hydrogen is then combined with nitrogen (which is extracted from the air) and synthesized in an ammonia generator. This creates green ammonia, which can be stored on board.
With a mechanical arm and hose, the green ammonia can then be transferred to other, smaller ships, which can then transport it all over the world. Mårten Lunde, CEO of H2Carrier, in a press release: “Industrial use of ammonia is associated with significant amounts of CO2 emissions. With the P2XFloater we offer an emission-free alternative.”

Green ammonia
H2Carrier is joining forces with the Greenlandic wind turbine company Anori for this project. The companies recently signed a letter of intent to realize the project. A timeline is not yet known. Nicolai Fossar Fabritius, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anori, in the same press release: “Currently, only 1 percent of all ammonia is produced using renewable energy sources. That must change quickly if we want to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.”
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  • Baraka Lenga Rutendeli

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    Energy is among of the leading sector causing climate change, it is great to see that energy sector is providing sustainable initiatives in addressing climate change

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