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Start Up Energy Transition (SET)

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Hello Tomorrow

Climate idea

Hello Tomorrow supports rising #SET100 start-up, Bloom Biorenewables

Exciting #SET100 news: Longlisted in our 2019 #SET100 list in the #CleanEnergy Generation category, Bloom Biorenewables is moving closer to industrialisation! The Swiss start-up has almost finalised the conceptual design of their demonstration unit. 🥁 Founded in 2019, Bloom excels at deconstructing biomass. Their ground-breaking process provides a novel, cost-competitive route to source molecules from plants. This pioneering technology is the first of its kind and can be used in varied products ranging from nutraceuticals, to cosmetics and even as bioplastics. 🌍 As offering unprecedented alternatives for many petroleum-based products is Bloom’s forte, we are not surprised that our partners at Hello Tomorrow have selected them as one of their “Deep Tech Pioneers.” We couldn’t be more thrilled for Bloom, who will also be attending Hello Tomorrow’s Global Summit 2023. 👏 More on Bloom’s products 👉 Picture Source: via Bloom’s Linkedin channel #biorenewables #circularecononomy #carbonneutral

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  • We Don't Have Time

    22 w

    Dear Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Thank you for getting your climate idea to level 2! We have reached out to Hello Tomorrow and asked what they think. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Muhammad We Don't Have Time

    • Daryl Cleary

      22 w

      If you burn something/anything it creates pollution and adds heat to a dangerously warming planet. Please do not waste valuable farmland to grow fuel to burn into pollution instead of using it to grow quality food and native trees

      • Start Up Energy Transition (SET)

        20 w

        @daryl_cleary Dear Daryl, thank you for your comment. Bloom deconstructs plants to components that can be used in everyday products like clothes and cosmetics. These can be used instead of fuel-based ingredients. Additionally they focus on sustainably harvested biomass like under-utilized resources such as sawmill residues, and agricultural side streams such as straw or wastes from the food industry; e.g. hazelnuts shells.

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