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Young Professionals in the Dutch Pension Fund industry on the role of institutional investors in combating climate change
It is almost a familiar image at climate demonstrations that have been organized in many places in the Netherlands for several years: young adults making their voices heard. Various studies also show that young people have a relatively strong climate awareness. How does this awareness manifest itself among young professionals working in the financial sector?
Climate change has been high on the agenda of Dutch institutional investors since the Paris Climate Agreement. The social initiatives to motivate them to combat global warming are numerous. The legislator is also not unaffected, with the EU Taxonomy, the SFDR and the integration of ESG in MiFID II, UCITS and the AIFMD.
Is this enough, not nearly enough or more than enough? How do young professionals view this question? Do they feel that institutional investors, or perhaps even their own employers, are doing enough to combat global warming? If so, what do they see as positive signs? If not, what do they think is needed?And what instruments should institutional investors use to mitigate the effects of climate change? We see that many institutional investors opt for exclusion or engagement. What do young people prefer, and why?
We asked nine young professionals about the role of institutional investors in combating global warming. How passionate are they?

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  • Tabitha Kimani

    68 w

    True. Young people are more aware of climate change and ready to take corrective measures. Them being in leadership positions means that they will make the right decisions for the planet.

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