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EU boosts green fuels for aviation: 70% of fuels at EU airports will have to be sustainable by 2050

EU lawmakers approved Wednesday new rules requiring airlines to use more sustainable fuels across the bloc in a bid to help decarbonize the sector. Under the new standards adopted during a European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg, France, 2% of jet fuel must be sustainable as of 2025, with this share increasing every five years to reach 70% by 2050.

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  • Patrik Lobergh

    39 w

    The world 🌎 needs to stop 80% of the flights now. EU initiative needs to be in place 2030, not 2050! Hurry up EU!

    • Andy Kadir-Buxton

      39 w

      Just cut flights by 70%.

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        39 w

        good projection

        • johnte ndeto

          39 w

          This will be so ideal considering the large amounts of fuel used by aircrafts

          • Ursin Solèr

            39 w

            Too litte too late

            • Hilda Wangui

              39 w

              Its amazing move in aviation sector to use sustainable energy which will help to reduce emissions wish they achieve it very soon

              • CHRIS NGATIA

                39 w

                Despite the timeline being far it is great.... They should now focus on accomplishing it before 2050

                • Edwin wangombe

                  39 w

                  Woow This is impressive.. I hope this will be achieved even sooner than 2050.. a sustainable aviation sector will make a huge difference in the fight against climate change and air pollution

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