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👏 New Customer Story 👏
🌿🌐 Exciting news from the Makersite team! We've been working closely with our partners at Barco to revolutionize their approach to sustainability.
🚧 Once grappling with data silos and the significant manual effort needed for SKU-level environmental reporting, Barco faced a real challenge. Their goal? To efficiently communicate their commitment to sustainability and accurately offset their emissions.
🔗💻 Our solution was simple – bring everything together. By using Makersite, Barco combined their extensive data in one place, filling in the gaps with our external data sources. The result? Accurate, automated LCAs and PEFs at the SKU level.
🚀 This data-driven approach has been transformative for Barco. They've not only met the EU Taxonomy's stringent reporting requirements, but they've also incorporated eco-design principles into their extensive product portfolio.
🍒 The cherry on top? They recently achieved a 3rd party validated carbon-neutral label based on the LCA results generated by our model.
🤝 We’re proud to support Madeleine Vandenabeele and Jan Daem at Barco on their sustainability journey and excited to continue helping companies overcome obstacles and optimize their environmental impact. #sustainability #datadriven #LCAs #PEFs
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