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Experts fear US carbon capture plan is ‘fig leaf’ to protect fossil fuel industry

The US energy department has announced it is awarding up to $1.2bn to two projects to directly remove carbon dioxide from the air, a fledgling technology that some climate experts worry will distract and undermine efforts to phase out fossil fuels. The process, known as direct air capture, does not yet exist on a meaningful scale, and the move was being seen as the US government taking a big bet coming after July was confirmed as the hottest month ever recorded on its surface.

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  • Sarah Chabane

    44 w

    Surprising 😲 ...not

    • johnte ndeto

      44 w

      If so then US is really messing with any genuine efforts to curb fossil fuels

      • bonke reinhard

        44 w

        The concerned of US towards climate change is motivating

        • rosebellendiritu

          44 w

          @bonke_reinhard experts see it as a kind of cover up to promote fossils....#maybe#

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