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New database for Brazil’s solar generation potential
Scientists have calculated the solar generation potential of every Brazilian state. The study show that the nation has the potential to install 337.83 GW of solar. The state of Bahia leads with 43.97 GW, followed by Minas Gerais with 41.84 GW and Mato Grosso with 39.73 GW.

Scientists from Brazil, Colombia, and Germany have created a database of PV generation potential in every state in Brazil, using 2019 as the reference year for solar irradiation. The researchers aim to use existing energy data in Brazil – including the national electricity regulator's Siga database and data from the Energy Research Office (EPE) – and make it more easily accessible to the international community.

“By providing the first publicly available, spatially explicit, harmonized, English-language version of Brazil's energy data, we enable researchers to replicate the Brazilian energy system and/or improve integration into global energy models, starting from a common base,” the scientists said.

To calculate the solar generation potential of each state, the team used the Energy Data Analysis Tool (EnDAT), which until now was only available internally at the German Aerospace Center.
The model uses two maps to calculate the potential for solar generation – one that identifies exclusion areas, and another that serves as a suitability criterion for determining the available area. The maximum density of installations is calculated by taking into account the greatest shading effect on modules with an optimized angle for the winter solstice. The potential was determined for solar installations on rooftops, facades, other open urban areas, and areas suitable for large-scale ground-mounted installations.

  • Tabitha Kimani

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    Salute to all the scientists working tirelessly to inform us and give us direction.

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