Jane Wangui's post

A while back, places like Turkana, Baringo and Samburu were known to be the hottest places in Kenya.However, nowadays nothing is predictable because places that were expected to recieve rainfalls, are not and the weather has become too hot.It's summer all year long and it's not pretty.The sun is rising from as early as around 6.30am with full force.Other countries are experiencing the same thing and together we can come up with ideas that could help us survive this heat.Crops that grow during the rainy season are on hold for now.

  • johnte ndeto

    6 w

    Climate change is really and earlier we embrace that reality the better for our climate control

    • Chris Ndungu

      7 w

      These drastic changes according to me I think they are accelerated by human beings activities. Some people acts nonchalant to environment problem. For instance, deforestation has been a chief routing.

      • Jane Wangui

        7 w

        @chris_ndungu This year is way too hot than the previous years.The weather is deteriorating as time goes by.

      • Munene Mugambi

        7 w

        The average temperatures in Kenya have exponentially increased over the past few years. Now there's no place that's no hot. These drastic changes have been caused by? You guessed it, climate change

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