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Zero hunger is one of the SDGs but how can we actually achieve this and remain sustainable while reducing carbon print?

Access to a balanced diet is critical for human health, and it is essential for achieving food sustainability and zero hunger. However, food systems contribute significantly to climate change, and it is crucial to address this problem if we are to achieve a sustainable future for all. The United Nations can play a critical role in promoting sustainable and healthy diets that are also climate-friendly. To ensure food sustainability, zero hunger, and improved health, the United Nations should: 1. Encourage the production and consumption of plant-based foods that are rich in nutrients and low in carbon emissions. 2. Promote sustainable agricultural practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve biodiversity. 3. Educate the public on the importance of a balanced diet and its contribution to individual and global health. 4. Encourage food industries to adopt sustainable practices in their production processes, such as reducing food waste and packaging. 5. Support policies that incentivize the production and consumption of sustainable and healthy food. A shift towards a more plant-based diet can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help combat climate change. Additionally, sustainable agriculture practices can preserve soil health and biodiversity, ultimately leading to greater food security. By promoting sustainable and healthy diets, the United Nations can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve public health. The implementation of these policies can also create new job opportunities and boost economic growth. In conclusion, the United Nations can play a critical role in ensuring food sustainability, zero hunger, and improved health by promoting sustainable and healthy diets that are also climate-friendly. By adopting sustainable agricultural practices, reducing food waste, and promoting plant-based diets, we can achieve a more equitable and sustainable food system for all.

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  • Tabitha Kimani

    61 w

    Amazing ideas which could bring wonderful results if implemented.

    • Timothy Ndegwa

      61 w

      Incentivize sustainable and healthy food production and consumption is the real game changer to realization of zero hunger.

      • Joseph Githinji

        62 w

        Amazing idea, we surely need a balance between food production and waste management.

        • Lucinda Ramsay

          62 w

          Going plant based isnt hard and it's very tasty! Even reducing meat in dishes and adding beans gives great flavour and still reduces meat consumption. Having 2 or 3 plant based meals a week is a great step to take..pasta is great way to reduce meat also. Plant based milks are super alternatives, if everyone tries a bit it will make a huge difference. You dont have to go vegan to make a change to more plant based🥦🥒🌶🌽🍅🍆🥑🍐🍏🍎🥭🍇🍈🍉🍋🍌🍌🌮🥪🍔🥗🍲🥘😋😋😋

          • Damodar Prabhu Panemangalore

            62 w

            Soil health and no wastage of urea and other nutrients is a primary requirement and education on the same is today's priority in carbon reduction due to food as this takes the major pie in human relates green house gas.

          • Majdi Alnajjar

            62 w

            Zero Hunger

            Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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