john linus Tom's post

Agriculture often depends on extensive pesticide use, a short-term solution to meet food demands, but this can compromise both environmental and human health. In contrast, permaculture, rooted in sustainable design principles and respect for nature, offers a medium to long-term solution, particularly relevant in the context of the current ecological crisis. While the former perpetuates environmental imbalances, the latter seeks to restore and maintain the balance of ecosystems. #ClimateActionNow

  • Grace Njeri

    33 w

    We should embrace the use of organic manure to avoid negative outcomes to our environment.

  • Munene Mugambi

    33 w

    I think our food can thrive without pesticides especially for natural unaltered foods

    • zelda ninga

      33 w

      The use of pesticides should be regulated to ensure that farmers use the right chemicals to avoid any harm to the farm.

      • Rotich Kim

        33 w

        Excessive use of chemical is risk to our environment

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