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Rwanda Investigation Bureau

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Rwanda introduces drones to combat environmental crimes.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) and the Ministry of Environment have launched the use of drones in combating environmental crimes. Environmental crime is an illegal act that directly harms the environment and is the fourth largest criminal activity in the world. It is increasing by five to seven per cent every year, according to reports. The drones will collect information, conduct inspections for prevention, and support investigations of environmental crimes. “The drones will help to respond to and control activities that damage our environment including land degradation, water pollution, and illegal logging in protected areas,” said Minister for Environment Jeanne d'Arc Mujawamariya.

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  • Videlis Eddie

    37 w

    Great move this will help take action and fight against climate crisis

    • Kevin

      38 w

      This is a bold move

      • George Kariuki

        38 w

        Innovative! Rwanda is a fast becoming a world leader in matters environment conservation.

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          38 w

          Great move. This is a positive step forward in the fight against environmental crimes. Drones will enhance our ability to protect our environment and combat illegal activities that harm it. It's crucial to address these issues as part of our commitment to mitigating climate change

          • Ajema Lydiah

            38 w

            Great achievement towards mitigating climate crisis

            • rosebellendiritu

              38 w

              Great effort and commitment

              • CHRIS NGATIA

                38 w

                Great step towards solving climate crisis

                • Elizabeth Gathigia

                  38 w

                  Good move

                  Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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