Mostafa Sherbiny's post

Ambassador Mostafa Sherbiny, an international expert in sustainability and climate risk assessment, said the world is accelerating the pace towards “zero carbon” with the entry into force of sustainability standards. Sada El Balad website

Al-Ahram newspaper portal

Al-Dustour newspaper website

  • winnie nguru

    10 w

    Well said

  • Abraham Jok Atem

    10 w

    Well stated Ambassador Mostafa Sherbiny

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      10 w

      Ambassador Mostafa Sherbiny's statement underscores the global momentum towards achieving "zero carbon" goals through the implementation of sustainability standards. The entry into force of such standards signals a concerted effort to address climate change by promoting environmentally responsible practices. As an international expert in sustainability and climate risk assessment, Sherbiny recognizes the significance of these standards in accelerating the world's transition towards a more sustainable and low-carbon future. This reflects a positive and collaborative approach in the ongoing global fight against climate change.

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