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Climate idea

AI and Digital twins may strengthen our bonding with animal kingdom and may help in co-survival in blue marble

Artificial intelligence Or AI is doing wonders for connecting the humans to animal kingdom. I am wondering whether simultaneous application of artificial intelligence and digital twin technology can establish two ways communication system between humans and animal kingdoms.
Digital twin technology may be effective in slowing down the rate of much dreaded species extinction due to climate change. Climate scientists are providing warnings to the rest of the world about impending mass extinction of vulnerable species as adverse weather conditions are increasing every day. Scientists may use digital twin technology to assess alternate most favorable weather and ecological conditions, in which an endangered species can survive, if not thrive. Fitness for survival of an animal can be tested by exposing its digital twin to multiple constructed weather scenarios. The real species can be conserved in the most conducive environment and weather condition, which is expected to be determined after multiple trials by using the digital twins in different extreme weather conditions. AI based communications can be used to obtain climate warnings from insects to elephants. Our experiences suggest that insects and animals have often accurate animal sense about upcoming weather conditions, although it does not always protect them from disaster. In return humans can guide them about routes to escape the disaster based on climate modelling and other techniques. Is it sounding like a science fiction? Most probably science is advancing faster than fiction. The article on project like CETI Artificial Intelligence Could Finally Let Us Talk with Animals - Scientific American, is pointing towards that future. The story of the pair of cranes is familiar to many bird lovers/watchers like me. Studies, presentations and reports by ocean scientists on ocean and climate change shows the beautiful minds are working behind the scenes 100th Meeting of the Ocean Studies Board | National Academies to build up necessary databases, insights, wisdom and action plans to fight climate change.

It would be great if our deep love is now communicated with our fellow inhabitants of earth more directly with the help of AI.

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  • johnte ndeto

    36 w

    Great innovation and creativity worth investing in

    • Kevin

      36 w

      AI is the single largest milestone of our time. May it come with myriad of solutions for the envrionment

      • Esther Wanjiku

        36 w

        Very remarkable

        • George Kariuki

          36 w

          I believe that these technologies have the potential to help us to build a more sustainable and harmonious relationship with our planet.

          • Saustine Lusanzu

            36 w

            Food for thought

            • Sven Nilson

              36 w

              I happened to read about Metaverse a while ago and found it important and interesting. Maybe this Swedish article is interesting for more people. (Use Google Translater)

              • Annett Michuki..

                36 w


                • Tabitha Kimani

                  36 w

                  Science is poised to bring lots of breakthroughs.

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