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Costa Rica closes state zoos after 11 years of litigation

The Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica(MINAE) took possession of the Simon Bolivar zoo at midnight on Friday and, this Saturday, May 11, more than 100 representatives from the MINAE, the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), the National University (UNA) and the National Service of Animal Health (SENASA) show es up to remove the 374 animals present, of which 259 are wild.
It is for this reason that the councilor of the Municipality of San José, Brandon Guadamuz, presented a motion for the capital city council to ask the Legislative Assembly to resume the discussion of the Simon Bolivar zoo project and approve the donation for its exclusive use as a botanical garden.
“There is a great opportunity to integrate the Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) in the search for solutions through a co-managed administration of a potential botanical garden. This would make it possible to take advantage of resources in research and education, considering the capabilities of the schools of architecture, urban planning, tourism, forestry and environmental engineering of the TEC,” the councilor highlighted in his motion.
“This project would be a milestone in the inclusion of nature in the design of the city, facilitating a balanced coexistence between human activities and the natural environment. In addition, it could strengthen the conservation strategy of urban rivers in the municipal administration area, given its location on the banks of the Torres River,” added the councilor.

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  • George Kariuki

    1 w

    Hopefully these animals will be transferred to sanctuaries. I would love to see the focus stay on conservation efforts.

  • walter lungayi

    2 w

    Hope this move is going to save the animals.

  • Princess

    2 w

    It's inspiring to see such forward-thinking initiatives being pursued, especially with the potential for collaboration with institutions like the Tecnológico de Costa Rica.


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