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What are the causes of our hesitant action with regard to tackling the climate crisis? Particular interests, egoism, lack of commitment and lack of solidarity! Many are willing to do something ... but not to let go. Certainly, many are aware of the pressure to act, but as soon as the personal comfort zone is affected, the inclination to cooperate is quickly over. All appeals to people to consume in a more climate-friendly way will not be enough. As commendable as isolated, voluntary, individual renunciation may be, it will not be nearly enough for the reasons mentioned above, and for reasons of lack of consumption alternatives for citizens. With a personal emissions budget, everyone could decide for themselves how to integrate climate protection into their lives - not whether. The budget defines the necessary ecological guard rails within which each citizen can autonomously decide on his or her consumption. The effect is that each of us is not only part of the problem, but also becomes a decisive part of the solution, bringing the achievement of the climate goal within reach. Find out more about that idea: switch
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to the homepage of SaveClimate.Earth, a german climate protection NGO
  • Munene Mugambi

    40 w

    Motivation is key

    • Annett Michuki..

      40 w

      we should make solid decisions on climate matters or else it's consequences catch up with us

      • Grace Njeri

        40 w

        @annett_michuki we're confident the good news will keep on coming, as renewable power soars.

        • mercy nduta

          40 w

          @annett_michuki we need to remove carbon dioxide from the sky in addition to reducing emissions.

        Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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