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🇪🇺 Europe achieves record growth in wind and solar avoiding €11bn in gas costs during war

“A new study by E3G and Ember finds that wind and solar produced a quarter of EU electricity since the war began, with record growth from last year alone avoiding €11 billion in gas costs. However, the EU still spent an estimated €82 billion on fossil gas during this period to supply 20% of its electricity.” Check out our latest report from @ember and @e3g:“ [via @EmberClimate on Twitter]

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  • Elizabeth Gathigia

    13 w

    Green energy for future

    • Patrick Kiash

      32 w

      Green energy 💚 is among the right solution for now and for our future.

      • Peter Kamau

        32 w

        👊 It's evident that renewable energy not only saves on money 💰that can otherwise be channeled to more meaningful operations but also brings about environmental and civil sobriety.

        • Simon Bergbom

          32 w

          That’s great news! We if we just had as much political will as we have solutions, we’d be in a much better place now.

          • Chetan Shukla

            32 w

            The answer is green hydrogen produced from microalgae.

            • Andy Inganni

              32 w

              @chetan_shukla this is brilliant energy system with little new infrastructure and no emissions

            • Muhammad Fahd Khan

              32 w

              Switching to renewables is mitigating pollution and war.

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