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The new Swiss Environment Minister is a former oil lobbyist

So, did you hear about the President of COP28 being an oil company boss? What about Switzerland naming a "former" oil lobbyist as their new environment minister?
Since January 1, Albert Rösti has become the head of the Swiss Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications in the Swiss Federal Council. The 55-year-old member of the right-wing conservative People’s Party (SVP) has been elected by parliament in December. He will now take over the post at a crucial time when the country is struggling to meet its climate target. Rösti must now defend the government’s climate course against his convictions and his own party. A great pick for the job right?
Before taking over this position, Rösti was an influential MP and the spokesperson for nuclear interests, car dealers and road transport industries and also represented the fuel traders' Swissoil in the Swiss parliament for several years. "Before being elected to the government, he had 16 mandates for private organizations. He was the third most involved parliamentarian," explained a specialist in the Swiss Confederation to Le Monde. "More than an oil lobbyist, he was a lobbyist for the industry in the broadest sense".

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