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Extending Imagination to Sustainability!

Selfridges claims its stores are run on imagination, and for me, it is great to see that the store is extending its imagination to sustainability and environment by wanting half of its transactions to be resale, repair, rental or refills (4 Res) by 2030. It is great business leadership to see the business case in sustainability and in all the 'Res'. This will play a good role in closing the loop on waste. The store has launched Project Earth, a bold sustainability strategy to reinvent retail and change the ways of shopping and doing business. Built on three themes – transitioning to more sustainable materials, exploring new business models and challenging mindsets. (Read: With circularity as its heart, the store is enabling its customers to shop as responsibly as possible. The customers can refill beauty products, rent an outfit for an occasion, buy already used collections, repair the repairable items, upcycle garments and dresses, all at Selfridges. Discover more about how you can help close the loop on waste and recirculate fashion with these innovative shopping platforms. (Read: Well done, Selfridges. I hope more retailers will follow this lead to make the world a better place! Visit:

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  • Timothy Ndegwa


    77 w

    Amazing selfridges for enhancing circularity to the level best.

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