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Germany: The Federal Environment Agency and the Council of Experts reprimand the government's climate policy

With the current measures, Germany will miss its climate protection line, says the Federal Environment Agency. Experts miss a coherent overall concept in the climate protection program. Germany must reduce its CO2 emissions by 65 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. Even with the planned new measures, the federal government is in danger of missing its climate protection goals. According to the projection report presented by the Federal Environment Agency on Tuesday, there is still a gap of up to 331 million tons in the reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gases by 2030. The Federal Environment Agency writes that the goal of making Germany climate-neutral by 2045 would not be achieved under the given circumstances. At the same time, the Federal Government's Expert Council for Climate Issues does not give a good report either. Although the climate protection measures are going in the right direction, they are still not enough, the independent body announced on Tuesday in Berlin. In June, the Federal Cabinet launched a new version of the Climate Protection Act. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 65 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 and by at least 88 percent by 2040. It's currently around 40 percent.

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  • Kevin

    38 w

    Germany is sure lagging behind in this


      38 w

      Germany should definitely do something about their climate protection line...

      • MyTreeTV

        38 w

        Not only #concrete also with #asphalt there is a huge potential.

        • Joseph Githinji

          38 w

          This is a major concern, Germany authorities must sort to race against time and work day and night to hit the set targets.

          • Rashid Kamau

            38 w

            It is the high time Germany to pull up their socks in matter to do with climate change.

            • Grace Njeri

              38 w

              @rashid_kamau The earlier the better.

              • Patrik Lobergh

                38 w

                @rashid_kamau Three very different parties in the same coalition whereas the so called Liberals (FDP) is blocking any serious attempt to mitigate climate change short term. Also the Chancellor party (SPD) is not demonstrating that they have taken the climate catastrophe seriously but are only supporting smaller steps in order not to upset the public and the voters. Only the green party (Bündnis 90/die Grünen) are proposing significant climate mitigation measures, but those are either blocked or watered down by the other two parties. This is very, very frustrating to see every day on the local Television, reading the serious newspapers and following the debates.

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