Andy Kadir-Buxton's post

Banking Should Clean Up It’s Act

Due to the amount of money that traditional banks invest in fossil fuels if you have £1 million stashed in these banks you can do more for your carbon footprint by moving it into an environmental bank such as Triodos than doing other things such as fitting solar panels and heat pumps. And when you transfer your assets let your old bank know why you are leaving, it may make them think about what they are doing. At the moment the 744,500 customers of Triodos in five European countries are providing £9.4 billion of loans to projects across Europe, benefiting both people and planet. Meanwhile, Barclays bank alone financed £4.1bn for new fossil fuel projects from January 2021 to the eve of the UN climate summit, COP 27, Market Forces found, despite growing international warnings that any new fossil developments would destroy any chance of avoiding a catastrophic climate breakdown.
  • winnie nguru

    48 w

    This needs to stop. why fund something so harmful to the present and future generations?

    • Rashid Kamau

      48 w

      Banks have to take responsibility and address climate issues at hand, by funding the required change to help our mother nature.

      • Tabitha Kimani

        49 w

        The funding fossil fuels means the banks are supporting global warming meaning they only care about profits

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