Michael Collins-Frias's post

Renewable energy sources.
Not renewable energy sources.
Only 2 options.
When oil depletes and from the archived reports from OPEC board meetings told me a key detail.
Expected depletion no later than 2040.
On actual report 2037 July 13 expected depletion date mentioned. Irrelevant.
Eventually will run out.
Options prior?
if hiding wealth was focus then why was all that money put into Federal Reserve from King George? Why did King Edward follow suit and deposit so much more into federal reserve until 1947 when he died? Why did no one inform public of the vast account holdings in preferred shares? Accounts are not currency. A sovereign account only holds preferred shares. Shares of OPEC which were liquidity shares when King Edward created account. His heir was his daughter. She put into Federal Reserve and same action as her father. Now 2 generations after. Account of OPEC holdings no idea volume truthfully.
If only 1 share 1956 by 1973 1 share became 1,000,000,000,000
A. , B. , C. D., E.
Initial Offering 1 share 1956
by 1973 share next offering up to letter E.
Cost increase creates volume growth by sovereignty ownership.
Only a sovereign owns majority.
A hidden entity. Known know about?
More crap than fiction.
Had 64 publishing companies ask me to partner up for my book series. No.
I simply ripped off scab.
Eventually will write my series.
Not until I am proven right on key point.
Vast wealth hidden is taxable income and if not will cause a cascade failure upon 13 valuation after last transfer. Current stressors have currency crisis globally.
Credit is halted globally.
Banks can not access systems. Because same person owning OPEC owns banks.
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