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Roform UK criticised for claiming funding NHS and reaching net zero are at odds

The Reform UK party has been accused by green campaigners of trying to “weaponise” the climate crisis as a wedge issue in the general election after the party leader claimed funding the NHS and reaching net zero were at odds. At a press conference in Westminster on Monday, Reform’s leader, Richard Tice, suggested that scrapping the UK’s pledge to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 would free up cash for the NHS. Tice said: “We have a choice in this country, it seems to me. A pretty clear choice. Do we want zero waiting lists in two years, and to keep them there? That is the Reform choice. Or do we want net zero CO2 emissions in 25 years? That is the Labour choice.”

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  • Jane Wangui

    7 w

    Appropriate action should be taken to solve the issue of climate change as soon as possible before the Effects are irreversible.

    • Matin Ahrimankosh

      7 w

      UK reform efforts to tackle NHS funding against climate action are short-sighted and dangerous. ⚠️ We can solve both issues at the same time.

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