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Huge news and a big lesson that collaboration to tackle environmental challenges works! The ozone layer is on track to fully restore.

By: Lubomila Jordanova
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"In 1985, atmospheric scientists in Antarctica noticed something troubling. For decades, they’d been measuring the thickness of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere, the layer of gas that deflects much of the sun’s radiation. Starting in the 1970s, it had started plummeting. By the mid-1980s, they observed that it was on track to be wiped out in the next few decades.

Their discovery was cause for worldwide alarm and unprecedented action. In short order, the international community marshaled its resources — scientific, economic, diplomatic — to mount a campaign to ban the chemical that caused the damage, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and to restore the ozone layer.

Fast-forward to today: The ozone is on the path to recovery, if not fully restored. New data released on October 26 by NASA indicates that the annual ozone hole over the Antarctic reached an average area of 8.9 million square miles over the past year. That’s slightly smaller than last year, and continues a trend toward overall shrinking over the past several years.

That progress hasn’t been without setbacks — the hole grew in 2020, following a 2019 when it was unusually small. Researchers have also raised suspicions that the rate at which atmospheric CFCs are falling suggests not all signatories to a treaty banning new production of CFCs are abiding by the agreement. And there have been unintended consequences in phasing out CFCs with a different chemical that has hurt our fight against climate change (more on this below).

But the damage we wrought last century has been reversed. Even with the complications and caveats, the world’s response to the ozone crisis should be seen as an instructive, even inspiring, success story — one that can perhaps inform our response to the climate crisis."

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  • Edwin wangombe

    75 w

    Great news indeed... I Believe if we keep up with the good work we are doing this healing process will be achieved sooner than we expected

    • Sarah Chabane

      75 w

      Great news!

      • Marine Stephan

        75 w

        this is very great news and it really shows that when countries come together to fight one issue, we can actually solve it!

        • Tabitha Kimani

          75 w

          Great news. The effort being put by all to restore climate change isn't in vain.

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