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ESSENTIAL EARTHWORM is looking for a factory.

ESSENTIAL EARTHWORM is a micro- biological fertilizer containing living micro-organisms referred to as PLANT GROWTH PROMOTING RHIZOBACTERIA. These organisms are bio- innoculants that occupy rhizosphere (root area) and leaf. They provide necessary hormones and auxins in their major function of promoting growth. Among the most vital aspects about them is that they induce internal disease resistance mechanism against pathogens, convert plant nutrients that are in fixed-form to available- form and they mobilize nutrients by ameliorating conditions at the rhizosphere. In their protective mechanism, they devour disease causing pathogens and enable the production of metabolites and antifeedants that work against pests and diseases. They inhibit the absorption of pesticides and heavy metals and propel the plant to grow steadily and strong without infection and infestation. The fertilizer has the mineral interface of rare plant nourishing nutrients having being manufactured using fruits and wild vegetables. The mineral content is in an organic matrix and purely ORGANIC. It replenishes environment and soil-sound microbes promoting soil health for production of crops with heavier grain, large and mineral-rich fruits. It is unique in promoting FOOD SAFETY that is paramount to human health and wealth.

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  • George Kariuki

    35 w

    I hope that the company is able to find a factory and start producing this fertilizer on a large scale.

    • rosebellendiritu

      36 w

      It's sounds like a good deal to the farmers

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        36 w

        ESSENTIAL EARTHWORM's search for a factory highlights their mission to provide innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for agriculture. Their micro-biological fertilizer is an exciting development, harnessing the power of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria to enhance crop health and productivity. With a focus on organic, sustainable practices, their work contributes to food safety, soil health, and ultimately, climate-resilient agriculture. It's an initiative worth supporting. 🌱🌾 #AgriculturalInnovation #Sustainability

        • johnte ndeto

          36 w

          and especially being organic it's very conducive for the environment

          • walter lungayi

            36 w

            Essential Earthworm seems to be a promising micro-biological fertilizer that can promote plant growth and provide protection against diseases and pests. Its organic composition and ability to replenish soil health make it a unique solution for promoting food safety and crop production. Finding a suitable factory to manufacture this product could be a key factor in its success.

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