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Climate change and sustainability; It is globally recognized that human induced climate change could have major adverse consequences for the world's ecosystems and societies.Climate change is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases which trap long wave radiation in the upper atmosphere and consequently raise atmospheric temperatures.Carbon dioxide is the most considered greenhouse gas and its atmospheric concentration has increased exponentially since the beginning of industrial revolution.In 1800,the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide was about 280 ppm but today is about 350 ppm and still rising. Most solutions put in place to overcome the effects of climate change usually focus on preventing emissions of greenhouse gases.However,such policies intended to deal with climate change through prevention of greenhouse gases are almost not sustainable making it more difficult for the poor to adapt to climate change.Foreign aid to poorer countries targeted at technological adaptation is unlikely to do anything to prevent problems in the future and may even be counterproductive. Controlling climate change through global regulation could be counterproductive.Sustainable development is the way forward which can only be led by government and through adoption of institutions which enable people to engage in activities that generate wealth and lead to the progress of technology and innovation.

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