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North Korea: Kim Jong-un calls for urgent action on climate change

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un called on his officials to deal with food supply issues and highlighted the danger of climate change. Typhoons last year badly impacted vital crops, while weeks of drought followed by heavy monsoon rains have damaged them this year as well. He said measures to overcome "abnormal climate" were needed, and asked also officials to tackle drought and floods.

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  • Kevin

    32 w

    The strong man himself has spoken

    • Gorffly mokua

      32 w

      It is action time, No more talking!

      • johnte ndeto

        32 w

        Food security is very important to human kind

        • Peter Kamau

          32 w

          A big thumbs up to Kim Jong Un

          • Esther Wanjiku

            32 w

            This is a first and bravo to Kim Jong

            • Rotich Kim

              32 w

              Great to north Korea

              • zelda ninga

                32 w

                This is a good move for North Korea, with the power that he has in his country this can be achievable.

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