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Better Business Act making businesses legally responsible for their environmental impact, a powerful climate action! ⚖️

76% in the UK want businesses to be legally responsible for their impact! ✊ Better Business Act is a UK-based coalition that wants companies to take ownership of their social and environmental impact by changing the law. This way, it can no longer be a choice to align the long-term interests of people, planet and profit. This is the norm. "The best way to do this is to change the law that governs how businesses act" says Better Business Act. They want to urge all business leaders to call on the British government to amend Section 172 of the Companies Act to ensure businesses are legally responsible for benefiting workers, customers, communities and the environment while delivering profit. To achieve this, they are bringing together a broad and growing coalition of leaders from across all sectors and all regions of the UK (more than 1000!) to help deliver this new contract between business and society. 💚 Can we do it in all governments of the world? This is a great idea! Sources: Better Business Act website: Sign up your organization here: Video:

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  • NicolasS Samer

    31 w

    Maintainingbusiness is a rather complex process without having a business idea. I found very interesting information for myself about how to evaluate a business idea, what to pay attention to. This information helped me in creating and running a future business.

    • Johannes Luiga

      90 w

      Very important step

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